Step 1 – Get a Free Estimate

Happy with the free estimate? Now it’s time to have your laptop delivered to us for repair!

Wherever you are in the UK, our fully insured courier service can collect your laptop whether you are at home or at work. We’ll even collect it from a friend, relative or neighbour if it is more convenient. Or if you live locally, you can drop it in, if you fancy. And remember, at this stage, you won’t have to pay a penny.

Our popular Collect & Return Service is free for all laptops that we successfully repair. In other words, the vast majority of cases. If, however, we should have to return your laptop to you unfixed, we’ll charge you £35.00 (plus VAT) to cover the courier costs


    I just wanted to thank you and your team for all your work on behalf of my poor son last week and, especially, for getting the machine back to him by end of Friday. It was very much appreciated by him – and by me. Thank you very much
    Mark Simon
    Balliol College
    I really appreciated your help. This computer stuff baffles me. Everyone at Oxford Laptop Repair who has helped me recently have been really helpful. kind and generous with their time.
    Manuela C
    Home Customer
    I took my MacBook Pro to Computer Assistance in a pretty sorry state. It was getting old, tired and extremely stroppy. It crashed frequently and its prognosis didn’t look good. Before I had time to safely transfer all its data it gave up altogether. This could have been a career disaster but I was extremely impressed by CA’s determination to get to the root of the problem. It was far from straightforward but they didn’t give up. We had a random and unexpected set back after I picked it up the first time but CA refused to admit defeat. Their perseverance, goodwill and downright stubbornness was impressive and I’m delighted to say I now have a fully working, and much improved Mac.
    Carina Martin
    Freelance Senior Copywriter & Screenwriter