Do you repair all laptop makes and models?

Yes, we repair just about any laptop out there, and can fix almost anything quickly.

Roughly how much it will it cost to repair my laptop?

Generally speaking, a repair job will cost a minimum of £100, including parts. We may not be the cheapest laptop repair company, but we pride ourselves on our honesty and technical expertise.

My laptop is very old. Is it worth having it repaired?

If your laptop is very old, then it may not be worth fixing. However, we can clone the old files and transfer them to your new laptop.

Will I know exactly what it will cost to repair my laptop before you start work on it?

Yes, you will know all costs, including VAT, before we do anything. There are no surprises and no hidden charges.

How long will it take to get my laptop back?

The vast majority of our laptop repairs are carried out within 4 days and take 2-3 hours to fix. Obviously, if we have to order spare parts for your laptop, we’ll keep you informed of any delays.

What if I feel the cost to fix my laptop isn’t worth it?

This sometimes happens with older laptops – in cases like this, we will send your unfixed laptop back to you using a courier. You just pay the return delivery fee of £35. We also have other options available – just ask.

Is the data on my laptop safe with you?

Absolutely! We never remove or otherwise touch your data apart for backup purposes (which we’ll always go over with you first.) We take data security very seriously, and are trusted by large companies with their most sensitive data.

Do you really serve the entire UK?

Yes. You will need to pay for the courier service first and then we can deal with the machine ASAP. Just remember your laptop carefully, preferably in its original box.

How do I pay?

Whether your laptop is repaired or returned to you unrepaired, Oxford Laptop Repairs will take payment from you when the laptop is ready to leave our premises. A member of our Accounts team will call you personally and payment is usually made by credit or debit card unless by prior agreement. Proof of payment must be made prior to the laptop leaving our premises. Every customer is provided with a full invoice which is attached to the Packing Slip. Repair work totalling over £250 will need to be prepaid before being completed. We will contact you for payment once approved

Will I lose all my data?

In 95% of cases the answer is no. It’s usually NOT the hard disk at fault but some other component that has failed. If possible, we always recommend that you back up your data before shipping the computer back to us.. In those instances where the hard disk has failed data recovery may still be possible but this can be quite time consuming, will carry additional cost and cannot ever be guaranteed to be 100% successful. If you are concerned about the loss of valuable data please ensure that you have discussed this with us before shipping your computer back to us. We will do everything we can to help.

How long will it take to get an estimate?

Not long at all! Our laptop repairers will provide you with an estimate within 3-5 working days of collection – and often much sooner.

What will it cost to get an estimate?

The estimate itself costs nothing. If we need to inspect your computer in order to provide you with an estimate then we will even collect your computer from you free of charge.

What happens if spare parts are required?

Within the Laptop Repair Service, small value components up to £10 are included, where a major module is required we will contact you and provide an estimate. Once this is accepted we will order the part and repair the unit.

What happens if I decline or do NOT respond to the Estimate?

We appreciate that you may not wish to have your laptop repaired if the repair proves uneconomical.
If you decide not to go ahead with the repair once you have the estimate, then a handling fee of £35 +VAT will be charged if the laptop is to be returned. This we hope you appreciate is a reasonable cost to cover our insured shipping costs and the reassembly of your laptop. It may also take up to 14 days for us to return the laptop if you decline the estimate.
We do reserve the right to increase this charge without notice. If you do not respond to an estimate after 14 days we will try to make contact again. If you choose not to respond then we assume that after 28 days of us originally sending you the estimate you do not wish to proceed with the repair.

How much does a screen replacement cost for 15-17 inch laptops?

In most cases, a 15-17 inch screen replacement costs £160.

How much does a power socket repair cost?

In most cases, a power socket repair will cost £120.